Did you know that U.S. businesses spent $2.6 billion to clean up the Code Red virus alone? It is estimated that PC Viruses cost businesses approximately $55 Billion in damages in 2003. The same calculations in were done in 2002 and 2001, at $20-30 Billion and $13 Billion, respectively (Source: Computerworld).

Besides viruses, there are other growing issues, such as spam and "spy ware", surreptitious programs that ride the Internet or other programs into computers and mine them for private information. Computer viruses now have shifted from destroying files, evolving over the years to turn unsecured computers into "sleeper cell" machines capable of carrying out the virus writer's commands. Typically, this army of commandeered machines is used to send out torrents of e-mail spam messages, unleash digital attacks on targeted Web sites and, in some cases, host Web sites that sell everything from vitamins to pornography. This affects your site as well as others around the world.

Kenvin Associates can implement an enterprise virus protection package that incorporates installation of a virus protection software package, email protection, automatic updates of virus definitions and network quarantine in case of failure of the software to detect a new virus. These systems can be configured and secured so that your users will be unaware of their presence until needed. Can you afford the costs associated with the compromise of your network security and the loss of mission critical data? Let Kenvin Associates develop a comprehensive virus protection program tailored to your specific needs.


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