Our certified network technicians are experts in implementing backup procedures to protect all your critical data. All backups are done on an automated schedule so no user involvement is necessary. But, what good is a backup if it doesn't work? That's why Kenvin Associates ensures that your backups are good by performing test restores of data before anything does go wrong. We will design a contingency plan for recovery and business continuity in case of a disaster.

An extended feature is the ability to perform "One-Touch" Restore actions. Our advance planning up front more then makes up for hours of lost productivity because a server's failure. Knowing that your system will be up and running in minutes, rather then hours or days frees your organization to concentrate on being productive. Our backup solutions protect your critical operations, simplify the management of data backup and recovery and provide consistent, reliable data protection. As your business grows and requirements change, you can cost-effectively upgrade, add options, and extend solutions.

Kenvin Associates supports Veritas BackupExec, CA Arcserve and NovaStor solutions amongst others. Let us find the perfect fit for your data security needs.


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