Statistics show less than 10% companies without a business continuity plan survive after an incident that destroys their critical computer systems or records.  (Source Touche Ross)... 1 in 5 companies reported having experienced a major disruption. (Source CSA)...

Ten common effects of a computer disaster:
Loss of business/customers
Loss of credibility/goodwill
Cash flow problems
Degradation of service to customers
Inability to pay staff
  Loss of production
Loss of operational data
Financial loss
Loss of financial control
Loss of customer account management

Kenvin Associates knows the true value of backing up critical data and systems. Servers crash. Hardware fails. Our technicians are experienced in recovering from all possible disasters.  In the event of a system failure or critical data loss, Kenvin Associates will evaluate the situation, put together a recovery plan and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Special attention and emphasis will be given to an orderly recovery and resumption of those operations that concern the critical nature of your business. Our disaster recovery solutions support a wide spectrum of operating systems, applications, databases, and hardware platforms and devices to fully protect your heterogeneous IT environments.   


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