The problem of Internet misuse in the workplace is increasing at an overwhelming rate. It is estimated that more than 260 million employees worldwide will have Internet access. In a study commissioned by the FBI, 78% of surveyed companies reported that employees had abused Internet privileges, such as downloading pornography or pirated software. It's clear that access at an employee's desktop provides an immediate opportunity for distraction, yet despite the potential for abuse, administrators acknowledge that users still need access to the Internet and the resources they offer.

WebSense Enterprise is the world's leading Internet Management solution and allows districts to transparently monitor, report and manage student, faculty and staff use of the Internet. With WebSense Enterprise, districts can be proactive and flexible managing Internet use.

The number one reason employees are less productive at work is the time they spend surfing sites that are unrelated to work according to a UCLA study on Internet/E-Mail use. According to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association, 22% of US consumers shop online from work in 2002, compared with only 12% in 1999. A quarter of those who shop online at the office claim they do so because of the faster connection speed. WebSense's flexible configuration can define selective access policies for a network, a workgroup or even an individual user. Kenvin Associates has the experience with WebSense to successfully implement your policies to keep your staff productive and still have access to the resources they need.


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