Network security is not just a fundamental component of network design; it is one of the most important. In today's risky internetworked environment, it seems that every day presents new challenges to keeping your environment secure and protected. Federal and State regulations mandate security audits in many environments and corporate communications and intellectual properties are rapidly becoming many organizations most important assets. We are experts in the installation and configuration of perimeter protection and can provide you with state of the art firewall solutions.

Kenvin Associates recommends and supports Cisco PIX Firewalls. PIX Firewalls provide security, reliability, and performance. The integrated hardware and software PIX Firewall package delivers full stateful firewall protection and IP Security (IPsec), and virtual private networking (VPN) capabilities allowing you to rigorously protect your internal network from outside intrusions.

Kenvin Associates also supports the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. ISA Server provides reliable, fast, and manageable Internet connectivity and protection. ISA Server integrates an extensible, multilayer enterprise firewall and a scalable high-performance Web cache for superior performance.


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