Are you constantly coping with emergencies as they arrive? Are you reactive instead of proactive in your approach to network issues? Kenvin Associates can help you lower your IT related costs by enabling better management of your resources and services. We specialize in all aspects of Network Monitoring and can provide you with several different types of Active Monitoring and Historical Reporting based on your requirements and infrastructure.

Monitoring is an invaluable tool for ensuring network response and functionality. Most problems in a network are not an instant event, like a light bulb burning out; they usually degrade over time. By monitoring critical system thresholds, you can know when there is a problem before your users do and react appropriately. Our remote monitoring solutions can detect when a server goes down or a service stops running and notify you via E-mail, Pager or Text messaging services. You can then immediately repair or reboot the system, minimizing downtime and lost productivity.

Mission critical applications can also be monitored for problems associated with corruption or lack of response. Kenvin Associates can also provide an historical view of all your systems so future capacity planning is accurate and simplified. No more guessing if that new application will slow your network to a crawl or if future needs will outstrip available resources, or trying to predict which technology purchases will have the most positive impact with a limited budget. Let Kenvin Associates assist you in making the best decisions by evaluating your network's health indicators, saving money, sanity and preventing regrettable expenditures!


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