Whether you are augmenting a current network or creating a new one, Kenvin Associates will help you determine the physical layout of your network, what type of media will best suit your needs and the equipment required to support that design. We will conduct a technical audit to assess your needs and can provide a ground floor analysis for new building installations. After reviewing all the appropriate alternative technical options, we will offer you options that will target all of your needs, both now and in the future.

A Kenvin Network Assessment (KNA
TM) is performed by certified network specialists who look at both your internal and external network environments and infrastructure as a holistically integrated system. Our specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of the physical and logical layout of the network; verify the hardware and software requirements, and suggest ways to configure your network services to maximize your network.

Good planning always delivers the best return on your technology investments. Kenvin Associates is able to create a secure, stable, high performance network system that will enhance your productivity today and allow for growth in the future, by designing a network suited to your unique environment or by reengineering an existing infrastructure.



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