No working network is a static environment. It is a fluid and dynamic entity that is always changing to address needs of your unique demands. If your current equipment is obsolete and inefficient, we can move and/or upgrade desktop and networking systems - for one user or thousands!  No job is too big or too small and Kenvin Associates shows the same commitment to service across the board. We can ensure efficient migrations to new software with minimal end-user down time.

Have you recently hired on new teachers and now need some additional workstation outlets? Maybe you have reorganized your school and now Guidance is where the Break Room used to be? We can run new cables for you without the headaches and down time associated with doing it yourself. We have the tools, equipment and experience to ensure a professional installation every time.

And if you are having connectivity problems or there are significant network outages, our network specialists will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem quickly and accurately so you can get your people back to work. We can even work with you to come up with an off hours schedule that will minimize the disruption of your operations.

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