We know how hard it is to keep up with the what, when and why of updates and software installations. Let Kenvin Associates keep all of your systems running smoothly with up to date patches and fixes as developed by your hardware and software manufacturers. This includes servers, firewalls, workstations, anti-virus protection, applications and operating systems. This can be provided as an ongoing service to you so your systems are always current and protected from new vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Not only do we provide update and patch service, but we also have the ability to deploy entire software packages and operating systems. We can quickly deploy whole application packages or just specific updates such as registry changes or desktop settings. Kenvin Associates can also clone multiple workstations and then quickly configure critical workstation settings such as TCP/IP information and machine, workgroup, and domain names. When it used to take hours to load and configure a single machine now takes only minutes, allowing future deployments of hardware or software to be accomplished faster and more efficiently then ever before. Now your students and faculty can be more productive using today's technology without any of the headaches associated with new technology deployments.


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